Aftermath || Sam and Evie

No answer. The last time this happened, she was fine, Sam assured himself. She was probably getting work done for Oliver (cue his exasperated and frustrated groan), or in class. No, wait, he knew her schedule. She wasn’t in class right now. An immediate sense of panic shot through Sam, whether it was warranted or not. He’d planned to go home and nap post-night shift, but the worry over Evie’s well-being took over him. Whether it was warranted or not.

Grabbing up the briefcase she’d gotten him for Christmas and buttoning up his coat, Sam left the hospital. Her flat was only a short trek, really. A little voice inside his head tried to calm him as he walked, reminded him that she’d been okay every other time he’d worried. But there was something different in the air this time around. As he arrived and knocked at her door, his fears only got worse. No answer. Reaching into his pocket, he felt his fingers anxiously dial in the numbers and press call, his heartbeat increasing rapidly with each passing moment. Still, he only got her voicemail.

This warranted extra measures.

He quickly scurried over to the picture on the landing, reaching behind it and grabbing up her spare key. It was a good hiding spot, and he was thankful she’d told him about it- he wouldn’t have checked there on his own. Fiddling with the key until it finally turned in the lock, he stepped inside, closing the door behind him. “Hello? Evie, love?” No response. Stepping out of his shoes and dropping his coat and bag next to the door, he made his way to the bedroom- the only one she could possibly be napping in and not have heard him. What he saw from the doorway made his heart fall out his butt and to the floor with what he could have sworn was a thud.


She lay there on the ground, a motionless puddle of limbs, pale and unconscious. Rushing to her side, Sam’s medical degree came to good use as he checked her vitals. Breathing, albeit slowly and shallowly. There was a pulse, also slow. He wished he had a way to check her blood pressure, but immediately gave that hope up and began to carefully cradle her head in his arms, fighting back tears. “Evie, darling, can you hear me? Evie, my love, wake up…”

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    She leaned into him slightly as he sat up and kissed her cheek. “Hi.”Her voice was still soft but not as trembling as it...
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    Sam’s eyelids fluttered open at the gradul shift in the couch cushions, indicating that he was no longer alone....