Night In || Sam and Evie

The fact that Evie had volunteered to come over and just spend some quiet time in together had meant the world to him. Something was bugging him, and since he’d gotten off the previous night shift and slept a bit, he’d been in a strange, blue mood. He slowly made his way to the kitchen, dressed without thought (for once) in flannel pyjama pants and a solid white v-neck undershirt. His favorite moccasin slippers kept his feet warm against the tile floor as he put a pot of water on for some tea. Just as he got the flame at the right intensity, he heard a knock at the door. “It’s open,” he called out.

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    Sam was so warm, his presence gentle and soothing. Evie cuddled against him, breathing him in, trying to memorize the...
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    As Evie scooted closer, Sam felt the all-too-unfamiliar nervous, happy butterflies in his stomach. “Yes,” he murmured,...